Friday, December 25, 2015

World Toilet Day 19th November

To start with this topic the first thing that comes to my mind is Vidya Balan with her famous dialogue in her commercial add "Jaha soch waha shouchalaya". Indeed we really cant wait for a cleaner sanitation because using improper ways of sanitation will only attract germs and nothing else.
I personally believe that government should take active part in building pay and use toilets across the cities and remote areas and make it a mandate for every individual to use a proper sanitation system.

I remember my uncle who is a doctor speaking to me once about his patients who complain of having tapeworm in their intestine. He said the main reason is doing sanitation in fields. They even attract germs responsible for urinal infections. Now it should be thorough mass awareness when the people belonging to rural areas would take it seriously. And obviously it has to be made mandatory to save people from frequent unhygienic sanitation.

I remember travelling to Southern India where I found almost all the public toilets were clean and well maintained. Whereas the same in Northern India are less in compare. If we start employing people in these areas and make all the public toilets to be Pay and Use we can ensure better services to people.

Lets make awareness that a proper and cleaner sanitation is required and is a right for every individual and lets save thousands of lives of those who die with the infections caused by lack of it.

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